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Professional Protection Of Creditors’ Rights

Alward, Fisher, Rice, Rowe & Graf, PLC has a specialized and dedicated team of Bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals trained to protect Creditor’s Rights in the Bankruptcy process. Providing sound advice and experienced representation of Creditors in the Bankruptcy process allows our Bankruptcy Attorneys to provide yet another service to our Creditor clients that maximizes their recovery of the loans. Our Bankruptcy Department has extensive knowledge and experience in all Chapters of Bankruptcy, including Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13, as well as adversary proceedings in all Bankruptcy Courts throughout the Midwest.

Debt Collection

Our credit based economy has caused a tremendous need for credit granting institutions to collect debts, and the demand is growing. Our staff is highly specialized in obtaining judgments in District and Circuit Courts in Michigan, as well as all other Courts in Michigan, against individuals and businesses that have defaulted on their loans. We have obtained and collected thousands of judgments ranging from small balances with no security to multi-million dollar loans with multiple types of collateral, while in all cases controlling the costs of collection, resulting in the largest recovery possible for our clients. Other Related Activities: Forbearance Agreements, Loss Mitigation, Loan Workout, Creditor’s Examinations, Garnishments (tax returns, bank accounts and wage), Levy and Liens, repossession of personal property, Bankruptcy.


Alward, Fisher, Rice, Rowe & Graf, PLC is the leading firm in northern Michigan representing mortgagees (Banks, Credit Unions, Loan Servicers) in foreclosing mortgages in all 83 Counties in Michigan, including foreclosures by advertisement, judicial foreclosures, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure and other ancillary services. Our Foreclosure Department is well verse in the constantly changing legal landscape involving the foreclosure process, mortgage modification procedures, and ancillary activities related to Mortgage Foreclosure, including REO Transactions, post foreclosure eviction, Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure, Assignment of Rents, Complaints for Access and post Foreclosure deficiency collection. Other Related Activities: Bankruptcy, REO Transactions, Post Foreclosure Eviction, Deed in Lieu of Redemption and Foreclosure, Complaints for Access, and Title Curative Issues.

Post Foreclosure – Eviction

Our team has extensive experience in the post-foreclosure eviction process. We have assisted lenders in navigating the increasingly complex process required to evict a hold-over tenant after the expiration of the redemption period. Other Related Activities: Compliance with eviction of non-owner occupied properties.

REO Transactions

Alward, Fisher, Rice, Rowe & Graf has a team of well versed attorneys and paralegals able to assist its lending clients with the sale of REO property they have repossessed through the foreclosure or deed in lieu of foreclosure process. We are able to handle all aspects of assisting lenders with the transaction, including drafting and reviewing Purchase Agreements and Addenda, obtaining and reviewing title work, and coordinating the closing.

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