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Going through a divorce? Avoid these social media mistakes

Divorce can be emotionally draining, and discussing what you are going through during this phase of life can certainly help you through the process. But sharing how you are feeling with a close friend is one thing, and sharing the details of your divorce with hundreds of your social media “friends and followers” is another. 

There is no doubt that emotions can run wild even in the most amicable divorce. However, talking about your divorce on social media can stir up unnecessary drama if you are not careful. After all, the last thing you want when going through a divorce is more drama.

Here are social media mistakes you need to avoid if you are in the midst of a divorce:

Discussing your divorce on social media

Divorce is a private and legal process. As such, taking to social media to rant about your future ex, the court or even the attorneys involved in your divorce may hurt your case. Remember, what you post online is likely to remain there forever. All it takes is a single screenshot of your disparaging post or comment to damage your case. Never let a moment of anger and frustration change the direction of your case in the eyes of the court. The best practice is to avoid talking about your divorce on social media altogether. 

Posting photos that could complicate some aspect of your divorce

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words — and social media has a unique way of conveying messages that are so far from the truth. Even if you were treated to that mini-vacation by a friend, photos of you relaxing at a resort can raise questions if you’re claiming you need spousal support. During the divorce process, be extra careful that your social media account, as well as those of your friends, is not linked with people or places that can raise questions about your morality or habits — especially if you are seeking custody of your children.

Let’s face it, going through a divorce can be a very stressful experience. During this challenging period, emotions can easily run out of control. However, no matter what you are going through, never allow social media to become the outlet for your frustration.