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Need-To-Know Information On Michigan Probate Processes

The distribution of property after someone dies is commonly referred to as probate. Probate court is the distributing entity when there is no will to guide this distribution.

Probate laws are specific and complex. A solid will prevents elongated processes but may not always account for everything. When probate court becomes involved, you want a strong advocate with the experience and knowledge to resolve conflicts efficiently.

The attorneys at Alward Fisher Rice Rowe & Graff work with probate courts in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois and across the Midwest.

How To Make Probate As Easy As Possible

An effective lawyer knows the probate processes. We will empower you and work on your behalf in probate court. We can help you navigate the types of probate administration.

Property not willed and held in the decedent’s name only, like a bank account or house, must go through probate. Some parts of this process can be easier than others. For estates valued under $22,000, we can help you file for a small estate administration, which can be handled in a fairly straightforward manner. For larger estates, we can help determine if supervised administration by the court or another entity is more appropriate.

Please note that revocable trusts, joint-owned property and any property or assets with a beneficiary are not subject to probate.

Hire Our Attorneys To Probate A Will

Our lawyers have over 100 years of combined experience managing the probate process. We have helped families across Michigan and the Midwest manage the probate process fairly and efficiently.

Let us guide you through probate and help you get through all aspects of estate administration as quickly and peaceably as possible. Our offices are based in Traverse City and Elk Rapids. Our lawyers are available by email or by phone at 231-668-9836.