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Preparing In Advance To Avoid Mishaps In Commercial Real Estate Matters

At Alward Fisher Rice Rowe & Graf, our practice has years of experience working with commercial real estate developers. We are known throughout northern Michigan for our knowledge and skill helping people develop the land they want. We can file for your permits, seek variances and aid in drafting and amending building proposals and other necessary documentation.

We are experienced with:

  • Planning use and zoning permits
  • Obtaining variances and easements
  • Managing building use restrictions
  • Creating condominium agreements

Starting off with your plans in order stops problems before they start. We know how to plan for your project’s long-term legal future. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to due diligence in commercial real estate development.

How Planning Use Permits, Restrictions And Other Factors Impact You

Knowing in advance what types of property can be used for which businesses sets you up for success. And you do not need to accept a “no.”

Our lawyers work extensively with city officials, contractors and other entities to determine what properties are eligible for. We are very familiar with what requirements are set in stone and when cities are willing to grant variances — exceptions— to the rules.

Create A Solid Foundation For Your Business

Set your business up to win. Our attorneys are ready to help you plan for future success by avoiding pitfalls today. Use our knowledge of Traverse City and Michigan zoning laws to create the property you want. We aid members of our community who want to build condos, establish shopping areas, create more housing and more.

Together, we can bring Michigan into its economic future. Let us start on your permits and applications today. Contact our office by email or by phone at 231-668-9836.