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Take Zoning Laws Into Consideration

Zoning is a vital part of any construction project. Zoning protects communities and the environment and, when done right, allows for rigorous economic growth. It can, however, be a very complex process because zoning laws exist at the state and local levels.

We can help you plan and execute your real estate project, taking zoning into account beforehand and avoiding issues later in your project. Our attorneys have helped businesses, developers and individuals navigate zoning in Michigan and the Traverse City region for years. We can ensure your plan is in line with city and state standards.

Develop Your Property Without The Hassle

From building new sheds in backyards to constructing shopping malls and apartment buildings, real estate development requires zoning approval. Different things to consider when planning for construction include:

  • Does your project fit with the city’s plan for the area where you want to build?
  • Are there local natural assets like rivers or wildlife protection areas nearby?
  • Does your project contribute to urbanization or provide other necessary accommodations?

Hiring an attorney to find a location where your project is appropriate shortens your approval processes. We can also aid you when deciding if a redevelopment project may be right for your currently-owned property. Call us to learn more.

Our Lawyers Understand Land Use and Zoning

Waiting too long on zoning issues can threaten your project and its longevity. With more than 100 years in the area, the lawyers at Alward Fisher Rice Rowe & Graf know Michigan zoning standards and have worked with many area residents and business to clarify zoning questions and plan for construction.

Call 231-668-9836 or email our offices to find out how our attorneys can plan your business and development projects.